T.M.A. directed by Juraj Herz
česky  english

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Marek, a charismatic man in his late thirties, is longing to find inner peace and balance. He therefore decides to leave the city and his career of a musician and to settle in and old deserted house where he spent his childhood. He becomes close with a local young woman named Lucia and devotes himself passionately to painting. Nevertheless, the dark memento of the sullen place resounds from beneath the idyllic crust. Marek finds out that his house is associated with cruel events, which took place during the Nazi occupation and his childhood.

He disregards warnings from the somewhat bizarre locals and refuses to admit that the power of the house is drawing him in like an all-absorbing vortex. Step by step, he reveals forgotten and hidden places around and inside him of the existence of which he had no idea: gruesome landscapes devoid of the sun. Memories from his childhood, in which Marek's older sister Tereza plays a crucial role, are rising to the surface. Tereza has been receiving treatment in a psychiatric hospital for many years. The circumstances of the tragic accident that deprived the siblings of their parents gain fatal significance. Marek is beginning to apprehend a link between the horrifying events of the past and the present. Unanswered questions are heaping up: What happened in the locked cellar room with the VERBOTEN sign? Can the negative energy of the house affect the fate of its inhabitants? Who really is Lucia, that affectionate young woman always ready to help Marek? Is it all happening in the real world or in Marek's tormented mind?

Light in the house is waning while tension and shadows are waxing. Will this place forsaken by God and people ultimately expose its secrets or will it claim another sacrifice? Marek's world is slowly absorbed by the ravenous and omnipresent darkness...